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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rosebud Teacup

I am happy to be participating Martha’s and Terri’s “Tea Cup Tuesday” No. 36!

This is my vintage “Rosebud - Green” teacup produced in England between 1951 to 1952.


I know this exact time frame by looking at the mark on the bottom of the teacup.


The round back-stamp shows Royal Winton, Grimwades, Made in England and the letter “A”.


How the letter “A” is displayed is the clue letting me know when this teacup was produced in England.


In 1941 all potteries were required to be marked with the grade of it’s china. 
It is at that time Royal Winton began adding the letter “A” to it’s pottery.


Royal Winton did not include this letter “A” in it’s script back-stamp between 1941 to 1951.


In 1951 Royal Winton created their new script back-stamp which included the letter “A”.


This new back-stamp continued until 1952.   My teacup shows the letter “A” as part of the script back-stamp.


Sometime in 1952 the producers of pottery were no longer required to display the grade.


I would like to say “Thank You” to Martha and Terri for letting me participate in their “Tea Cup Tuesday”.
Make sure to click on their button below to check out other gorgeous teacups. 


Snap said...

I love your Rosebud Green Royal Winton tea cup. It is so simple and so elegant. My favorite color is green, so that may have something to to with it, too! :D :D Thanks also for all the information about Royal Winton.

Appleshoe said...

This is a truly beautiful treasure. I have to agree with Snap, it is 'simple and elegant'. It is a perfect balance of art and functionality. A Lovely and Beautiful piece. Take care.

Terri said...

What a beautiful cup and saucer from Royal Winton! I think it's simplicity is lovely.
Thank you for the information about grading china. I didn't know about that.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Mo,
What a pretty teacup; love the green! Happy Tea Tuesday to you.


Bookie said...

Green tea is not my favorite although I do drink it....green cup is lovely!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh dear, my heart beat skip many beats when I see your Royal Winton teacup! this is one of my fave cups... Rosebud, lilies are just few names that I adore from this series.. anyhow, your teacup is beautiful!.. some more in green and pink rose bud, couldn't go wrong!.. thanks for sharing. and have a great day!

{oc cottage} said...

Oh do LOVE Rosebud!!!!

m ^..^

xinex said...

What a beautiful tea cup, so unusual. Love the rose on the handle. Thank you so much for becoming a follower, Mo....Christine

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

thx MUCH for your visit & chat!
have enjoyed discovering this china info & beginning to explore your lovely blog, Mo!
thx for following too :) ..

Kathy said...

Hello! Lovely teacup and thoroughly enjoyed the historic background. I am fascinated by maker's marks. There are pieces of old pottery I find in our yard and occasionally I find maker's marks.
I posted about the shards before - but didn't think about the timing and history of the make.
So appreciate you stopping by so that I could find you!
Hope you have a very Delightsome day,

Cindy said...

I LOVE this teacup! Where did you find it??

parTea lady said...

Your Royal Winton teacup is beautiful. What a pretty color of green. Thank you for the information on the china mark.

Concetta said...

Dear Mo-
What an exquisite little teacup! I love the color and the tiny rosebud - so elegant!! Thank you for visiting Concetta's Cafe and becoming a follower - I am your newest follower too! Your blog is beautiful - I look forward to many tea parties in the future!
<>< Concetta