"It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
-William Carlos Williams quotes
(American Poet, 1883-1963)

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

“Always Remember” – Free Blog Graphic

It seems I have Angels and gardens on my brain.  Well, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.  Here is my newest design.


A warm welcome goes out to all of my new followers.  I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do creating it.  *hugs*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angels in my Garden - Freebie

I am always welcoming the Angels…where ever I am.  I know they are always around me.  I have heard if you are aware of them and want them around, they will always gather.

Here is my newest graphic reminding us the Angels do gather where ever we are. Especially in the "Rose Garden".

Choose your favorite color.


“Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.”     
                      ~T. Fuller

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cranberry Glass – Part III

Here are a few pieces of vintage cranberry glass from my collection. They are all older pieces of art glass.
This tall opalescent vase is from the Victorian era.  I would venture to say it was most likely manufactured circa the 1890’s.  It could be older than that.  Old pieces like this are unmarked and I find are harder to date.
The gold gilded cupid jar is also older and it is of the Mary Gregory type glass.  It is hand painted and unmarked.  It caught my eye because it was so detailed and it could possibly be Moser.  (I really would like to think it is…)  I got this piece for a steal!  And I do believe it to be an older piece of art glass and not a reproduction.

This cranberry opalescent toothpick holder  is made in the Ribbed Opal Lattice Pattern. It was most likely manufactured circa 1888, by Northwood.   Pieced like this one make me wonder how it was made with the pattern so perfect.  It amazes me.
The ruffled bottom tells me it is from the Victorian era.  The bottom of this vase has a pontil in the center on the bottom.  I learned early on it is a mark on hand blown glass.  This mark is where the glass was broken off of the pontil after being blown.
I added some of my vintage celluloid and shell floral earrings to accent this glass display.
The cupid jar has cupid painted on both sides.  You can see it in this picture below.  It is one of my favorite finds.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Shabby Tag Graphics

I have been wanting to design tags and I finally got around to it. 
Feel free to use them.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday’s Blog Freebie - Button

I know we all love the comments made by our fellow bloggers.  To celebrate, I designed a few new buttons for your blog to encourage comments. 

Pick your favorite below and feel free to post it on your blog.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sweet Lavender

During my holiday last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Ali’i Lavender Garden.  It is located in Maui’s ‘Upcountry’.
This garden, also known as ‘AKL’,  is located on the slopes of Haleakala.
A very beautiful and serene setting saturated in the luscious scent of lavender.
Gazebos and benches beckon one to a place of peace and calm.  The temperature is just perfect at this altitude on Maui.
This garden grows many varieties of lavender.  I didn’t realize there are so many kinds.
One variety grown here is Sweet Lavender.
These beautiful handmade wooden signs help to identify the lavender types throughout the garden.
I learned Sweet Lavender is known as a tropical lavender because it will not survive in temperatures below 32 degrees F.

Sweet Lavender is used for crafting and dried arrangements.   Above is a picture I took inside their Gift Shop.

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Enchanté - Free Blog Graphic

I am relaxed and refreshed from my holiday last week. As a result, I have created a fresh and breezy design.
I have made two versions by changing the color of the roses.

Definition: (adj) - enchanted, delighted, "nice to meet you"


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Islands

Some of my favorite times are those spent in Hawaii. This holiday was spent enjoying the flowers, turtles and ocean views.
We explored Maui from high… (if you look close enough you can see the ocean in the far distance).
And Oahu low…
I must always stop on every trip to Hawaii to visit my friends the Sea Turtles…I love to be reminded how to relax, bask in the sun, remember to come up for air, and simply float through life.
As always, I am fascinated by the island flora and their vivid tropical colors they paint the island with.
Here are some of my pictures of the flowers which caught my eye…
White and pink water lilies:
camerapics1 113

camerapics1 195
The bird of paradise flower:
camerapics1 114
The fragrant Plumeria flowers:
camerapics1 118
And a personal favorite…Orchids:
Being from the desert, I have to say the highlight of my trip was visiting Ali`i Kula Lavender on Maui.
I will be blogging about my visit in the future…stay tuned! 
Thank you to all my new followers and I look forward to visiting your blogs.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Island Holiday

I adore this background I designed. It fits perfectly with my Hawaiian “state of mind”.

I am on holiday in the islands and will return to my “blogging world” on July 24th.

Before I left, I created two blog graphics.  One for me, and one for you.


Please feel free to use my original graphics on your blogsite.All I ask is to have it linked back to my website: http://www.rosepetalsfromheaven.com/

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blue and White

One of my loves is the combination of Blue and White.  My entire Master bedroom is decorated in it.  I was inspired to decorated it long ago just after visiting a “Designer Home” here in Phoenix.

This is an antique Biscuit Jar.  I believe it to be quite rare.


This vintage hand painted plate reflects my mood.


There is an abundance of inexpensive blue and white collectibles on the market these days.  Make sure you always know what you are buying and how much you should be paying for it.  It is always wise to do this homework.  Especially these days.


A treasure of my heart... Lourdes.  This vintage porcelain box is one of many vintage finds I cherish.