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-William Carlos Williams quotes
(American Poet, 1883-1963)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Island Holiday

I adore this background I designed. It fits perfectly with my Hawaiian “state of mind”.

I am on holiday in the islands and will return to my “blogging world” on July 24th.

Before I left, I created two blog graphics.  One for me, and one for you.


Please feel free to use my original graphics on your blogsite.All I ask is to have it linked back to my website: http://www.rosepetalsfromheaven.com/


French Basketeer.com said...

Hi Mo-

I just found your blog and thank you for following mine; I'm a little late with the follower list, but it's finally there. Have a fantastic trip to Hawai'i and will touch base soon. all best, Andrea

Femmy said...

have a great vacation!!!

Between Me and You said...

`Here Today, Gone To Maui` - that`s hilarious - thank you for cheering me up on this dreary grey day in Scotland which is a galaxy far,far away compared to Hawaii! Aloha!:)

Princesa Nadie said...

Thank you very much for let me use your Blog graphics. You have a very creative blog!
Meeting you has been a pleasure