"It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
-William Carlos Williams quotes
(American Poet, 1883-1963)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calming Beauty

Today is going to be a very busy day, so I would like to begin this day with the wisdom of Saint Francis.

(click to enlarge)
“Never be in a hurry;

do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.


Do not lose your inner peace

for anything whatsoever,
even if your whole world seems upset.”                   
                                 - Saint Francis de Sales



cottageprims said...

I needed that this morning.I was getting ready to rush out before the next snow storm moved in and hubby called to tell me to hold off a little the roads are icy.So I read a few blogs and this reminded me to slow down.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Hope Filled Living said...

Such a pretty post and so wise. Thanks for the reminder.

MosaicMagpie said...

So true not to lose your inner peace. You are the only one that can control your inner peace. Don't allow circumstances to cause you to lose it. Great Post!

Cindy said...


Nana Go-Go said...

How completely inspirational you are Mo. I shall write those words down and look at them when I get overwhelmed (which is often!). Thank you. x

Donnie said...

That was just lovely and serene.

Simply Debbie said...

Beatiful Mo and I needed those words today.
Thank You
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Susan said...

Great words of wisdom from St. Francis, Mo. Thank you so much for sharing! Susan

La said...

I need to keep that in mind.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for this wisdom!! I WILL DEFINITELY KEEP THIS IN MIND AT WORK!

Betsy said...

I love that little piece with the lavender flowers, so pretty. Thank you for these words. I did lose my inner peace today and worked hard to get it back.
Hugs to you my friend.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful images and wonderful words to get your day started on the right foot. Blessings and peace, Tammy

saltbox treasures said...

Encouraging words and beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!
~ Juli

Cindy said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so HELPFUL!! Thank you for reminding me of this!!! I need it!!!!!!! I need to remember this at my workplace!!!!!!!

waynebrighton said...

thank you for this gift of beauty to the world-what we love we become.

manuela schneider said...

Nice blog nice words you are a nice person
sai ram