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Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrate Color!

This is why I love computer graphics.  (I can’t do this in the “real” world.)
Like magic, I transformed my design from yesterday into the most beautiful shades of color.
(I figured you were probably getting tired of “pink”.)
I have not had the time to get source codes together yet for the gadgetry.
But feel free to use these in your “Blog Worlds” if you don’t need the source codes.
I will be posting the source codes soon.
Let me know what your favorite color is below…mine is the second one. 
Have an awesome Friday and remember to be kind to yourself!



Nany said...

of course the second one... but the green one is very lovely too...

Nana Go-Go said...

They`re ALL gorgeous but I`m having the fourth one please, thank you.Have a great weekend, Mo.xxxx

My Grama's Soul said...

Thank you for this...I, too, love the second one.


Nana Go-Go said...

Mo, you should see your new graphic on my blog - it looks right at home!I love it so. Thank You.x
ps I`ve linked back too.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Mo...I will never get sick of the color pink. It's my fave. Have a peaceful night. Susan

Clear Crick Cottage said...

Fourth one down! I love the creamy off white vintage look. :) But honestly, how can we choose?? These are all SO fun and sparkly! Thank you Mo!
love, Sherilyn