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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday’s To Do – Free Blog Graphic

It has been a demanding week at work.  So I have made a “To Do” list for myself today.  I would like  to share it with each of you.  (Everyday)

In addition, if you need a place to get away to take care of this “do” on your list…please visit *here. (Please make sure your speaker is turned “on”)
* I would like to say thank you to Heather at Pretty Petals for letting me link up to her blog on this post.


Thank you sweet Rita from Tattered Past for giving me the idea to supply source codes for easy gadgetry on your blog!  Just pick your favorite color:




Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Oh this is such a lovely reminder that we all need to just stop and breathe a little once in awhile... life sure can be demanding sometimes!! Thanks for the mention to my blog post, I am so happy you liked it. ;)

Hoping you get a little quiet time this weekend. xoxo Heather

Rita A. said...

Thank you so much. These are lovely besides being wonderfuly reminders. I'm going try to make a link.

Unknown said...

You are so talented. These are beautiful.