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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chocolate Box

I have this box of beautiful note cards I still have not used yet. 

They are made by Lulu Guinness.

09242010 00314
They are decorated with a watercolor picture of one of her famous purse designs the “Chocolate Box”.

09242010 00311
I found the actual purse online at the “Vintage Purse Page”

 This “Chocolate Box” opens up to store your essentials.

I am attracted to the silk ribbon wrappers ruffled around each chocolate.

This picture even has a picture of the note card next to the purse.

I simply love the name “Chocolate Box” and look forward to using them (one day).

09242010 00315


Susan said...

That was very unique, Mo. Very, very unique. I would imagine it looks good enough to eat! What a "sweet" post! Susan

Cindy said...

I think I know what I would like for my next birthday..... JUST KIDDING!!
It is so cute!!