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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cranberry Swirls

Requested by sweet Susan over at “Writing Straight From The Heart” , here are more of my treasured pieces of cranberry glass.
This tall ewer in the back is translucent at the bottom.  It is a perfect example of why the name “opalescent” is used to describe this kind of art glass.
The swirls of cranberry and white make this piece unusual.
I remember one lady I met at an antique show because she taught me a very important lesson early on.
Never, never, ever use the delicate handle to pick up a piece of art glass”.   I remember this because she was adamant about her advice.    It is wonderful advice and I thank her to this day.
rpfh08032010000 0000025If I had to guess, I would say this swirled piece was made abroad, possibly in Italy.
I accented this glass with my beautiful vintage Holy water bottle. It is one of my favorite keepsakes.
rpfh08032010000 0000023The swirls of cranberry and white are accented with designs of gold.
I had to show you the bottom.  It is just as beautiful as the rest of the piece.
rpfh08032010000 0000019Here is a closer look at the neck of this ewer.  This is why I am fascinated with vintage art glass.  To me it really is “art”.


Cindy said...

Gosh Mojo ~ You have some really, really beautiful pieces! Your blog is fantastic!!

Monique said...

Stunning! I love cranberry glass... so pretty. Monique xx

La said...

So pretty! Thank you for sharing. La

Jacqui said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us xx