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(American Poet, 1883-1963)

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fountain of Muses & Freebie!

I believe this to be one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

And I have found out where it is...let me take you there.

It is called "The Fountain of Muses".

And located in Brazil.

At the Botanical Gardens in Rio.

This "Fountain of Muses" was made in England in the 19th century by Herbert W. Hogg.

 Along with the angels, he featured the muses of poetry, music, science and art.

The fountain was brought to the Botanical Garden from its original location in Largo da Lapa in 1895.

I wanted to be able to make this picture come alive somehow.
So I designed a blog button with the animated water and added some sound effects to this post.

Please feel free to display this button on your blog.  

The petals from heaven are saying to me today...

"Life is short,

       Be kind."


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    5. Enjoy!


Jacqui said...

I love this post, how beautiful are those angels!! Thank you for the button


Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Mo, You really have! sources is one of the most beautiful I've seen! with the perfection of the forms of angels, is beautiful, the photo in that particular garden. You made your mark as particularly good job. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art. It is a blessing to give. "Blessings, Rose Marie

Nancy said...

Such Beautiful Photos! I love the sound of the fountain in the background too, it's so very peaceful! Thank you for sharing! Have A Wonderful Night!
Nancy xx :D

Donnie said...

What a beautiful post. You did a super job.

Susan said...

Dear Mo...Enchanting, your dear little angel fountain. So magnificent. Thank you. Susan

Jann said...

How interesting, and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos!